Weber Genesis® E-330 LPG NLA

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Weber Genesis® E-330 LPG NLA
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A large three burner barbecue with side burner and Sear Station™. Searing a steak over the high heat on the Sear Station caramelizes the outside of the meat, creating a juicy and flavoursome restaurant quality steak. Available in gleaming black porcelain enamel with stainless steel trim.

When developing the latest Genesis gas barbecues at our factory, a bloke in marketing nicknamed it ‘the barbecue in tails’. We reckon he had it pretty right, because at Weber, we’ve never made a classier looking barbecue than this. When R & D came up with the idea to use stainless steel studs in the construction of the barbecue we thought they were crazy. How wrong can you be?

Amongst our staff at Weber Australia these Genesis barbecues are undoubtedly the favourite. And it’s not the stainless steel studs. It’s the cooking. Yes it’s the cooking that’s won us all over. And it’s the cooking that makes this barbecue, with its front-to-back stainless steel burners, a real stand out. It’s just a magic cooker! It’s the right size barbecue and it’s full of style and class.